Make A Rotating Compost Bin

I want to start composting this year for my garden. Compost is supposed to be some of the best stuff you can put in your soil, and you make it out of organic waste that you would otherwise throw out–things like grass clippings and egg shells.
For awhile now I’ve wanted a tumbling compost bin so that I wouldn’t have to look at or smell the compost as it decomposed. Turning the bin aerates the organic matter so that you don’t get bacteria building up in the composter. Problem is, they are pretty expensive. I saw one the other day at Coscto for $100, which is the cheapest I’ve seen one go for. I almost bought the composter but it seemed rather small.
There are several plans online to make a tumbling composter. It looks pretty cheap and easy to make–certainly less than $100.

I liked these instructions, except it uses a bar of soap to to lubricate barrel, which seems strange to me.

Instructables has a good set of instructions too, but it looks a little small. I suppose you could adjust the project to fit a bigger barrel.
I’m going to have to think about this a little more…

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