Make A Rope Wall

Morgan Satterfield from The Brick House put up a project on how to make a rope wall. It’s a stylish room divider that is especially great for big open spaces.

To make the rope wall, Morgan that wood boxes custom built “with evenly spaced rope sized holes drilled through the top and bottom.” The ropes were strung through the top and tied off on the bottom to keep them taut. Then the box was screwed close.

The cost of this project wasn’t bad, says Morgan:

With this design the overall costs are kept pretty low for such a big impact. Rope is cheap, especially when bought in bulk, and wood boxes are very low cost to build. The true cost is going to be labor and time – it’s just a tedious and super repetitive process.

Of course, if you have carpentry skills, you could make your own box with wood and a drill–and very careful measurement.

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