Make a Reusable Lunch Bag

Drawflower sells reusable lunch bags for $19.50. They are cute, but they got me thinking about making your own for dirt cheap. Here’s a tutorial of how to make the above bag from Tumbling Blocks.
The key would be to go to the local fabric store and see what you could find in the clearance section. Vinyl/oil cloth/etc. is usually on sale, and you wouldn’t need too much of it. Add that, some thread, some velcro, and a little bit of labor and you’ve got a lunch bag that can be used over and over again–plus it might make you want to bring your lunch to work.

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3 thoughts on “Make a Reusable Lunch Bag”

  1. I go home for lunch every day but when I used to bring my lunch I used old shopping bags. Sometimes a small paper one from a favorite boutique or one from the grocery store. What makes me want to take my lunch every day is healthy food that makes me feel good. Also the cost of going out gets out of control when you prefer things like salads, soups, quality breads, and lean meats.

  2. Krista–Yeah, I usually just used old shopping bags for my lunch, which is probably the most frugal way to go. After all, they are free.


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