Let's Make Popsicles

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It’s hot. Let’s make Popsicles!
When I was little, I loved when my mom froze juice in ice trays with toothpicks stuck in them. These days, homemade Popsicles are more sophisticated with fancy molds and even recipe books on the subject.
And for good reason: Popsicles are very versatile. Because they are a great way to use up fruit, they can be a low-calorie and healthy treat.
Or you could say to heck with that and load them with sugar and cream and just enjoy yourself.
(You could even add some booze and make Shotsicles.)
Here are some recipes that looked inspiring:

Triple-decker Citrus Popsicles using four kinds of fresh-squeezed citrus juice and sugar.

Lemon, Strawberry, and Mint Popsicles using fresh ingredients and a bit of gelatin to hold it together. It looks lovely, although maybe a bit chewy?

There are several recipes for Root Beer Float Popsicles on the web. Here’s one and here’s another one.

Greek Yogurt Ice Cream Pops are simply blended raspberries and Greek yogurt frozen together. Great idea, but I would add some sugar too.

And of course, your classic Fudgesicle. Because, why not?
What do you put in your homemade Popsicles?

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2 thoughts on “Let's Make Popsicles”

  1. Mmm…some of those look delicious! I’ve been mixing homemade yogurt with a bit of honey and some frozen fruit and freezing it in popsicle molds for the kids. My mom made them some out of milk and chocolate protein powder while visiting her recently…she calls them fudgsicles. 😛

  2. Cath, that sounds great. Your mom’s version of fudgsicles sounds a lot less fattening than the above recipe, that’s for sure.


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