Leftovers: Corned Beef Pizza

Last weekend, I decided to try corned beef on pizza. I had just enough left over from St. Patrick’s Day to do something with it, and I didn’t want to waste it. Still, I wasn’t sure that it would work on pizza. Corned beef is so fatty and salty, it seems like it might overwhelm the pizza. But I figured if I fashioned the toppings after a reuben sandwich, it wouldn’t be bad.
First I made the usual crust and sauce. Then I cut the corned beef into slices, taking care to remove the excess fat. I didn’t want the fat melting over the pizza and congealing with the cheese. Next, I sliced some onions, grated some swiss cheese, and made the pizza.
The end results? Not bad. Weirdly enough, the corned beef didn’t give the pizza a strong corned-beef flavor–maybe because I cut the fat off. It tasted meaty, but not overly salty of fatty. This is a decent way to use up leftover corned beef, but not anything I would seek out specially. It continues to amaze me how well pizza works to use up leftover meats and vegetables.
Cost: Homemade Dough: $.25, Cheese: $62, Sauce: $.10 (using tomatoes, garlic, squash from the garden), Corned beef: free since I would have thrown it out otherwise; Onions: free from the garden.
Total Cost of Dish: $.92 for an entire pizza.

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5 thoughts on “Leftovers: Corned Beef Pizza”

  1. Looks good! I agree, nothing can quite compare to a good homemade pizza. I threw a pizza party a few months ago and saved so much money making my own dough.

  2. Try this: instead of pizza sauce, use 1000 Island dressing, top with the swiss, some gouda, kraut, and corned beef. That sounds good to me and very similar to a ruben. mmmmmmmmm
    I will make ruebens this week. Ahhh inspiration.

  3. Thanks! Yeah, it was good. We’re kind of addicted to homemade pizza around here. It took awhile to get the dough down, but now I like ours better than the dough at most pizza places.

  4. Ohhhh yummmmy that looks good. I happen to have corned beef in the fridge that needs to be eaten!
    Just found your website by the way & love it!


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