One of my long-term goals is to build a stone oven in my backyard for bread and pizza, but the KettlePizza is another option. It’s an accessory that goes on a Weber grill that lets you quickly and easily cook a pizza on the grill.
From the site:

Pizza needs high heat and constant temperature to cook properly. This is difficult to achieve in a regular grill because the constant opening/closing of the grill top leads to massive variation in cooking temperature. The common result is a well done bottom and under cooked toppings.
We solved this problem by designing a stainless steel sleeve that fits between the kettle grill bottom and top creating a cooking chamber. There is an opening in the front that allows access to the chamber. … This creates a “consistent” heat loss that flows over the top of the pizza ensuring a properly cooked top. A door is not necessary and the product can maintain consistent temperatures upwards of 750 degrees F with a base of charcoal and hard wood.

It looks like the basic KettlePizza costs $130. But hey, homemade pizza is a lot cheaper than delivery, so if you used this product enough, you’d probably end up making that money back in the long run.

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