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make a garden journal
This weekend, I made my 2009 garden journal out of a composition notebook, glue, and pictures from magazines.
I kept a garden journal last year and found it to be a helpful tool for understanding my garden. This year, I’ll use the journal to keep track of several things, including what I’m planting, where I bought the plants, how much I paid, how many vegetables or fruit I get, pest problems and attempted solutions, and so on. I’ll store the journal in the kitchen and add the data as I go along. At the end of the year, the journal will help me to see which plants were the most productive, the overall yield of my garden, and how to avoid the mistakes I’m bound to make in the future.
To make the journal, I got a basic black-and-white composition notebook that I bought during a back-to-school sale at Target for $.20. I cut some pictures out of a magazine and seed catalogs and pasted them on with a gluestick (also from the Target sale–three for $.75). Then I washed the whole thing with some decoupage glue, which you can get from any craft store. That sealed in the pictures and waterproofed the cover somewhat. Finally, I added some stick-on tabs to separate the sections of the journal.
make a garden journal
The inside of the journal…
The whole thing took about 10 minutes. I was a little sloppy, so there are a few wrinkles in the cover. Still, I like it much better than a boring notebook.

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