Julie Montgomery's House Tour

I enjoyed Julie Montgomery’s House Tour on Re-Nest this morning.
Julie Montgomery is a mom and an abstract artist who was “offered the chance to live at the base of a tropical fruit farm in Southern California, about a mile from the Pacific ocean. Included in the deal was a small studio within the packing facility to create her large–scale abstract paintings.” The only problem was she had to make a garden shed and an Airstream trailer into her home.
So she made the place into what Re-Nest calls “a dazzling gypsy caravan” by using painter’s drop cloth around the walls of the trailer to give it warmth and roll-out linoleum from Home Depot on the floor that looks like wood planks.

Combined with some well-placed rugs, furniture, and decorative touches, this is the coolest trailer I’ve ever seen. And it allows Julie to live the life she wants, or as she put it: “Living here has enabled me to raise my little boy from 2-5 yrs old instead of getting daycare while I worked. I have been able to thrive as a fine artist.”

See more of Julie’s house tour here.

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