Iznik Tiles

I’m remodeling my bathrooms. For the half-bath, I want a border of interesting tiles above a half wall of white tiles. After looking around a bit, I fell in love with Iznik tiles.

Iznik is a town in Turkey, an ancient city, surviving under the Greeks, Romans, and Byzantine empires. Iznik tiles started out in the 11th century as an imitation of Chinese pottery. Ottoman sultans loved the stuff and put it all over the place. Iznik pottery continued on for several centuries, reaching a zenith in the 17th century.

An antique Iznik tile from an Eyup Mosque, circa 1580. More about Iznik pottery here.
Luckily, Iznik tiles are still being made today.

Handpainted Turkish tile from Voodoo Kitchen, $12 (Australian) per tile.

Khayam Bleu Iznik Tiles (pictured at the top of the entry as well) from Luxe Tile. $19.80 per tile.

Palmyre Iznik Ceramic Tile $19.80 from the same store.

Turkish Iznik Ceramic Tile from Tile Wharehouse, $290 (Australian?) per square meter. Apparently, these are popular tiles in Australia.
Iznik tiles can be overwhelming in a small space. However, I’m thinking of surrounding them with white tiles, which would make them easier to take in a half-bath and also reduce their considerable price.

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