Infusing Vodka

I can’t stand chemical flavoring in vodka. I can taste lemon flavoring no matter how well-mixed the drink is–it burns my tongue. Chemical flavoring is so silly, really, because apparently it’s easy to infuse vodka with flavor. Therefore my next experiment around the house is to take the large bottle of vodka in my freezer and infuse parts of it with different flavors. According to WikiHow, all you have to do is pick your flavor, cut it into the vodka, and leave it sit for awhile to infuse the flavors. Here’s how you can tell how much to put in your vodka, according to them:

* If infusing fruit, use 1-3 good sized pieces.
* If infusing herbs, use 1-2 fists filled of the herb (depending upon the potency.)
* If infusing berries, use 2-4 fists filled with the berries. You may also want to bruise (squish a little) them first.
* If infusing peppers, use as many as you want. The more you use and the longer you infuse, the spicier the vodka will be.

Sounds simple enough. I will probably try about three flavors. Here’s the ones I’m considering:
Lemon vodka
Basil vodka
Pumpkin spice vodka
Vanilla vodka
Pear vodka
Chocolate vodka
Pepper Vodka–Although I’m not sure what I could do with this besides use it in Bloody Marys.
Side note: Although I’m not likely to make this, I’m morbidly curious about bacon vodka. Hmmm….

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