Ice Cube Trays

I like unusual ice cubes. Not only are they fun in a drink, the molds can also be used to make Popsicles and other frozen treats. The thing that really inspired me to make this post was these cool Titanic ice cube tray for $6.99 from Perpetual Kid:

Also from the same site are these Citrus Stirrers for $9.99. I can just see them sitting in a tropical drink sometime next summer:

There’s also Lego ice! (Or Lego jell-o shots?) $7.99 from Lego:

And these Fishbone ice cube trays for about $10 are just weird enough to be awesome:

Finally, the best for last: Han Solo ice cube trays shaped like that part of Star Wars when Han Solo is trapped in Carbonite:

I know some Star Wars geeks would would love the mold. Problem is, I’m not sure who’s selling it. Anyway, you can read about it here.

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