I Eat A Lot of Cheese

According to my Price Book, I bought cheese five times this month. I was surprised. That is a lot of cheese for two people. Cheese isn’t cheap, either. In fact, the price has been going up significantly.
I bought:
11 oz of mozzarella for $3.58, or $.32/oz
2 lbs of cheddar for $6.99, or $.22/oz
15 oz of ricotta cheese for $4.49, or $.30/oz
11 oz of goat cheese for $3.99, or $.36/oz
2 lbs of provolone for $7.59, or $.24/oz.
Apparently I like variety in my cheese. I did make several pizzas and raviolis this month, so none of that cheese got wasted. I notice that when I buy in bulk there are definite savings–$.22/oz vs $.36/oz. Still, who needs 2 lbs of goat cheese? (Apparently I do, given the amount of cheese I consume.)
I don’t think that $30 a month in cheese is outrageous, although is seems a little high in fat. I have considered making my own cheese. If my calculations are correct, homemade mozzarella would cost about $.16/oz. If I made 6 pounds instead of buying it all, I could cut my cheese costs in half. Of course, homemade cheese isn’t the same as the real stuff, so it’s unlikely I would stop buying cheese completely. Maybe the solution is to simply think of dishes that don’t have cheese in them…
But where’s the fun in that?

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