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I work at home, so I always notice when telemarketers call. The worst are those automatic machines that call you over and over and then leave hang-up messages on your voice mail. If you ask me, those things should be banned, but in California at least, they are not.
The good news is that the law says you don’t have to be harassed by telemarketers. You can stop them from calling you by getting on the National Do Not Call List. Once you are on there, you can take steps to keep any telemarketer from calling you–even those automatic machines. Here’s how I do it:
1. Register for the Do Not Call List. It take five minutes of your time and is well worth it. Click here to do it now.
2. Wait 31 Days. Yes, it takes a month for your name to go on the list, so you have to endure the telemarketers in the meantime. The good news is, when the 30 days are up, many of the calls will cease automatically.
3. Note The Details of the Remaining Telemarketers. Put a pad of paper by the phone and note the name of the company, the phone number, and the date and time of the call. You need this information to file a complaint. Sometimes you have to be sneaky about this because they understand that if you don’t know who is calling, then they can keep calling you–strange but true. So talk to the person on the line as much as necessary to get this information.
4. Tell the Company To Stop Calling You. Finish the call by saying, “Put my number on your don’t-call list.” The law requires the company to comply with your request. They are not supposed to call you again for something like 10 years after you say this.
5. File A Complaint. You can also file a complaint with the FTC to keep companies from calling you. Personally, I do this a. if a company calls me after I have asked them not to and b. whenever I get called by an automatic machine. The complaint takes one minute of my time and seem to work. After filing a complaint, I never hear from that company again.
This system works well for me. I rarely get calls from telemarketers anymore, and when I do, filing a complaint takes care of it. The trick is to remain vigilant and attack the call the first time you get it.
Also, be careful who you give your phone number out to. I rarely give anyone my real phone number and I never give out my cell phone number. After all, they can’t call you if they can’t find you.
What are your tricks for getting rid of telemarketers?

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7 thoughts on “How To Stop Telemarketers From Calling”

  1. I hate the calls that when you pick up the phone say, “Hold a moment while we connect your call…” Why am I holding on a call placed to me? I always hang up.

  2. i have a one time hello rule…if i say hello and there is a pause, i know it is a telemarketer! and rather than say hello a second time, i hang up! problem solved!

  3. I love annoying them. When I get a call from one of these people, I actually press 1 (or whatever the number to get to a ‘real’ person), and then play a nice song for them. My favorite right now is ‘My Humps’ by black eyed peas. I have annoyed multiple telemarketers now that I am probably on their ‘black list’.

  4. well, your list is fine except it’s impossible to get the names of companies that have robocalls. there’s a place in colorado springs that calls my home several times a day. good luck with that. i’ve been on the no-call list for years without much success.

  5. JD Wolfe–If you have caller ID, you may be able to report the phone number. Or you can be sneaky and do what the call says (press a button or call the number) until you get a person. Then act confused and ask what company this is. They will tell you at that point, *then* you can report them. It’s a pain, but worth it if they call every day.

  6. Unfortunately, The Do-Not-Call registry lacks prosecutorial teeth, so it is up to US to discourage the scum minority of companies that continue to disregard it. Here’s what WILL work if enough consumers follow through:
    1. ANSWER ALL CALLS – It is too easy for the Telemarketer to just move on if you don’t answer, and won’t help a thing.
    2. Feign interest in whatever they are hawking. Talk slow, ask lots of questions, give bogus personal info if asked, set up an appointment on a day you are not home…the goal is to make ignoring the DNCR a losing business model. If you can, just before they hang up (you’ll get a feel for this as you gain expertise), mention the DNCR so perhaps someone in the company ultimately gets the message.
    PUNK ‘DA PHONERS – spread the word and HAVE FUN!


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