How To Make An Irish Coffee

Last year for St. Patrick’s Day, I made the Irish Spring Cocktail, which was pretty tasty. This year, I’m feeling more basic, so I will be making an Irish coffee tomorrow.
The Irish coffee can be as simple as pouring whiskey into a cup of coffee and as complicated as mixing flavored coffees with an array of sweet liqueurs. I favor something in between, which adds a bit of brown sugar and whip cream to the mix, but still keeps the drink simple. Here’s the recipe:
Irish Coffee
(Makes one drink)

    1 oz Irish whiskey
    1/2 c cream
    1/2 Tbs sugar
    1 tsp brown sugar


Brew enough good-quality coffee for one drink. Meanwhile, beat the cream with the 1/2 Tbs sugar until it stiffens into whip cream.
In a mug, add the whiskey and brown sugar. Vigorously stir or muddle until the sugar dissolves. Add the coffee to the drink. Top with whip cream.
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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