How To Install Blinds

In my bedroom, I’m going for serenity. No more piles of laundry. No more cat hair on the bed. I want something Japanese-ish and streamlined and simple. So far, I painted the walls a grayish taupe and the trim white. I bought a new dresser that holds all of our clothes and I moved the laundry baskets into the laundry room so we will no longer have piles of dirty clothes oppressing us in the corner.
This weekend, I replaced the old, filthy mini-blinds that came with the house. There are two windows in the bedroom that are approximately 38 inches wide and 22 inches long. I thought about several kinds of window treatments for them including curtains and Roman shades, but finally settled on white wooden blinds.
I bought two blinds off for $61 each. Last week, the blinds were delivered. I chose inside mount instead of outside mount blinds. They were good quality and fit the window perfectly.

Now all I had to do was install them. Here’s how we did it.
You will need:

    Blinds and the brackets that hold the blinds
    Window cleaner
    Paper towels

1. Remove the old blinds. Usually there’s a lever on the bracket that releases the blinds. Take them down and unscrew the brackets. Put all the screws in a plastic bag and attach them to the blinds with a rubber band. Donate to Goodwill.
2. This is a good time to clean the window with window cleaner.
3. Line up the brackets that hold the blinds on the window. First, look at the brackets so that you know which goes on the left and the right.

4. Mark the screw holes on the windowsill. Put the brackets up on the windowsill so that they are flush with the window. With a pen, mark the place where you will drill your screw holes. In our case, the directions said that we needed to make two screw holes, one on the top and one on the side.

5. Drill the screw holes. Take a look at the screw and match the size of your drill bit to the inside core of the screw, not the outer part. (Most drill kits have a guide to do this.) Holding the drill straight on, drill the holes you marked with the pen. Make sure to drill deep enough so that the screw will go in.

6. Screw in the brackets onto the wall. Put the bracket back up so that it is lined with your freshly drilled holes. Screw in the screws.

7. Put the blinds on the bracket. Voila. New blinds.

The windows look so clean now. The blinds make the room look fresher and darker at night. The Savvy Housekeeper is one step closer to serenity.

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