How To Do Everything Faster

Great tips on how to do things like tying your shoes or wrapping a cord faster. My husband has been doing the shirt folding trick for awhile now and it works great. Personally, I’m going to try the speed-peeling the potato and the cooking spray on nail polish tricks.
I wouldn’t recommend parking your car that way, however. [snotr]

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4 thoughts on “How To Do Everything Faster”

  1. the egg thing is cool :). I have a quick dry spray for nail polish from avon. It’s a miracle worker when I paint my nails at 10pm! The ingredients were basically mineral oil. I looked online, and people said they use cooking spray. Once I run out, I’ll try using cooking spray.

  2. I have actually done that the speed parking thing… not on purpose, but have done it. Does it count that it was on the freeway at the time?

  3. Cathy–I’m curious about the cooking spray too. Next time I do my nails, I’m trying it.
    Rob–Ha! Well, if you have skills, you have skills.


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