How To Appliqué

I have had a project in mind that requires appliqué, which I have never done before. From this site, “Appliqué comes from the French appliquer which means to “put on.” In appliqué, one layer of fabric is places over another layer of fabric and is sewn in place.” For example, these letters are appliquéd onto this pillow from Beford Designs:
savvyhousekeeping how to applique
I was going to appliqué with a needle and thread, but in looking around the web I learned that there is an easier method. You can use special paper to fuse the appliqué to the fabric. This video shows how it is done.

Somehow, this seems like cheating. But since this is my first time, maybe I should get myself some Bondaweb, or whatever the American equivalent is, and go with that. Thoughts?

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  1. Since so many of the experienced quilters/sewers I know use a fusible backing to applique(including myself!), I hardly think it’s cheating. That backing makes things so much easier, I wouldn’t want to applique without it!


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