How Many Acres For Self-Sufficiency?

Free Range posted this infographic working out how much land a family of four people would need to be self-sufficient. The short answer is 2 acres.

Apparently the image originally came from this site.

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3 thoughts on “How Many Acres For Self-Sufficiency?”

  1. Dont be mislead by this diagram, self sufficant living is a nice idea but also a lot of work. You certainly could not go %100 off the grid on this plan…i.e. goats have to have kids to make milk you would need both a male and femal goat to accomplish that which in turn would require more food for the goat…same with the pigs…need a male to make babies…and there is no shelter in this scenario..not everyone lives in a place where there animals can graze all year you would need to feed them something in the winter when there is no grass…dont even get me started on the work that goes into maintaining a garden…pruning fruit trees properly and canning food….its all a lot of hard work…and while this diagram is a nice idea it also costs a lot of money just to get yourself started!! Im just saying do more research if you are interested in growing your own food.

  2. Jennifer, I don’t think the people who made this diagram expect it to be your only source of research if you want to try to go self sufficient.


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