House Key Holder

Here’s a clever way to hide you house key from Zakka Life. Get a bottle and glue a rock to it. The blog recommends e6000 glue because it’s strong and water resistant. Put the key inside the bottle, dig a hole, and stick the bottle in the ground. Your house key is now hiding under an innocuous rock:

I like it!

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11 thoughts on “House Key Holder”

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  2. typo at the end. I think you mean your house key is NOW hiding under a rock πŸ™‚ It says “not hiding under a rock”.

  3. An excellent idea, however this only works if rocks are normal in your yard.
    Also, be sure to check your homeowner’s insurance. Having such a spare key available can invalidate some insurance policies – and yes, the same applies to a magnetic key holder on your car.

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  5. Great idea for summer. We usually have a couple feet of snow so I may have to glue a bottle under a snowball for the winter! lol
    As for the comment about hiding the key too close to your house can invalidate your insurance, how about placing it in a trustworthy neighbours yard. No makings on the bottle would mean it could be anyone’s key and it would still be accessible if the neighbours weren’t home when you needed it. Just a thought…
    Thanks for sharing the tip! πŸ™‚

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