Holiday Overkill

I enjoyed this post on Rage Against The Minivan about “Holiday Overkill.” It starts out with Kristin, a mother of four, discovering that someone at school had told her kids that on St. Patrick’s Day, you set out a trap for leprechauns and then there are gold coins in it the next day. Yeah, I had never heard of that either. As Kristen put it:

Gold coins? A leprechaun trap? Is he serious? When I was a kid we celebrated St. Patrick’s Day by wearing something green. THE END.

She then goes on to say:

Yes, I’ve turned into a bit of a grinch, but SERIOUSLY WITH THE HOLIDAY OVERKILL. As if Christmas wasn’t already hard enough as a parent, someone also decided that we have to move an Elf around every day, into creative tableaus? And then someone else decided that the Advent Calendar was A Thing beyond a simple religious observation and now involves some kind of gift each day leading up to Christmas?
And less than a month after having survived that whole mess, we’ve got Valentine’s Day which has became The New Halloween, because God forbid you send a simple store-bought card. You’d better include some candy or your child will be shunned. Shunned! … And do not even get me started on what Easter has become. When I was a kid my mom went to the store and bought us a new dress and a pre-made plastic Easter basket for $8.99. THE END. There was candy and we loved it. Maybe we would die some eggs from a kit sitting in the check-out lane at Target. They would look like crap. Now we’ve got to leave footprints from the Easter Bunny and make artful, Pinterest-worthy eggs with stencils and ikat prints and probably some that are hombre.

Pretty funny stuff, plus she makes some good points in her rant. She calls it a “We’re all in this together, let’s simplify!” manifesto. Read the rest here.
What do you think about holiday overkill?

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Overkill”

  1. Celebrating, or at least recognizing the different holidays, can help break up a seemingly long year for a kiddo. I did this when my son was young. Not too very much now, he’s 26.
    But, when you fall into the trap of spending lots of money, or time, to decorate you find that you have lots of stuff left over that you now have to store or throw away, not to mention being worn out with all the decorating. I used my stuff till it was worn out!
    I have since moved on to simpler ways of decorating. I try to use natural objects found on walks or made with love.
    If I have grandkids I’m sure I’ll gravitate toward doing more. Till then, simpler is better (and more frugal) all round.

  2. I agree with her entirely, and the exact same thing happened in our house over the leprechauns this year, because my daughter’s kindergarten class got so into the whole trickster business. The funny thing is, I also have an 11 year old, but he had never heard of such a thing, either. I don’t know… Maybe it just suddenly evolved over the past five years. I don’t mind spending a little money here and there, but usually, it’s for supplies for me to make my own thing. I do go crazy making elaborate Halloween costumes, simply because I love to do it. But everything else? Not so much. I will not be swayed at the check out aisle– Food Coloring does just fine for Easter eggs. 🙂


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