Guerrilla Grafting

I love a little harmless rebellion, so I enjoyed reading about the guerrilla grafting that is taking place in San Francisco.
San Francisco won’t allow fruiting trees because they don’t want to deal with mess of rotting fruit and pests, so they planted non-fruiting fruit trees all over the city. Now a group of people are grafting branches to the trees, changing non-fruiting trees into fruiting ones to provide free food for city inhabitants.
Grafting is a common gardening technique. Here’s how the article describes it:

First a slit is made in the host tree. Then the alien branch is whittled into a pointed wedge. The grafter inserts the wedge and matches up the elements’ nutrient-transporting layers before securing the area with tape. The Guerrilla Grafters use electrical tape instead of grafting tape so they can color code their work for future reference.
“Once it heals, it connects,” Hui said. “Basically the branch becomes part of the tree.”

For more, check out How tree grafting is done.
This project is intended to be especially useful in neighborhoods where people have to go out of their way to get fresh produce. One person in the article called it the “gardener’s version of graffiti.” [Inhabitat]

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2 thoughts on “Guerrilla Grafting”

  1. This is so badass!
    I think I heard that they were doing this is Portland too. This seems like a very West coast granola thing to do, and I say that with complete admiration. 😉

  2. I think it’s great, as long as the fruit is used. From experience, I know on the west coast of Canada, there are hills filled with blackberries. A few summers ago we drove through Vancouver, and on the hillside of a bridge, the area was coated! In a few of the parks we visited, they were all through the wooded areas as well…so I went and picked some, and got the oddest looks, because, apparently, the locals don’t pick them. The bushes are considered a nuisance. One guy told me “Even the homeless don’t eat those!”
    I was dumbfounded, because who’d turn down free fruit? All you can eat, yet too? Especially when in my neck of the Woods, blackberries are a premium priced fruit, far out of my budget. To have a source for all the berries I can use, for free, would be awesome to me.
    So, I hope the grafted fruits gets used…it would be a shame to have it go to waste.


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