Growing Celery From The Grocery Store

I’ve talked about growing plants from the grocery store and how to re-grow green onions by planting the root, so naturally I was fascinated with this post on how to grow celery from the root. All you do is cut the bottom of the celery off, like so:

Then you stand it in a saucer of water for about a week, until the little yellow leaves begin to turn green and grow. At that point, you plant it in dirt and eventually a new celery stalk begins to emerge.

As the site says, if this works, you may never have to buy celery again. [The Kitchn]

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3 thoughts on “Growing Celery From The Grocery Store”

  1. I’ve done it with celery…in fact I have 5 of them, ready to go into the garden, and, once they are ready, I plan to keep them going. I’m interested to see how many times I can re-grow it. I have found, though, that I have the best success with them transferring to dirt once there are strong roots. That means I need to leave them in the water for about 3 weeks.
    I have just started some leeks this way too, and they are growing very well! They’ll end up out in the garden in the next couple of weeks. The one I haven’t had sprout roots yet is romaine lettuce. Could be I need to leave the end in water a little longer.


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