Greenhouse From Old Windows

This is a great idea–a greenhouse built from old windows from houses being demolished in the neighborhood. From the site:

I collected the windows over the course of a year and a half and the build took about 3 months, spending one day a week on it. I spent about $300 for the lumber for the frame and screws, caulk, latches, etc. That’s almost 10% of what a greenhouse kit would cost. The size I built was 7ft high x 10ft deep x 6ft wide. But the size of your greenhouse will depend on your windows and the time you want to put into project.

Talk about a great way to recycle! (Via)

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2 thoughts on “Greenhouse From Old Windows”

  1. I love do you keep this warm in winter? I live in northen Va. And it gets cold in winter.I’d love to build a green house like this .

  2. Rob, that is a great question. I’m not sure. You’d have to be very careful how you connected the windows, I guess.


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