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These days, fees show up everywhere. My bills have them regularly, even though I pay every month and have good credit. Companies do this on purpose because a $40 fee here and there makes for big revenues. Therefore, I have no qualms in getting them removed–and I always do. I have saved us thousands and thousands over the years by fighting fees, both large and small.
In the last few years, I have noticed a shift in how companies deal with fees. They are less forgiving about removing them and ruder when you approach them about it. Nevertheless, they will remove them if you give them no other option.
No Debt Plan has a six-step plan for getting fees removed. I agree with it and follow the same pattern. But I have a few other tips I would add:
Be reasonable. Start out nice and gradually get firmer as you go along. You can be firm and still be polite.
Get the names and badge numbers of everyone you talk to. This makes them feel that their job is being questioned and they will be more likely to do what they can for you.
Keep a record. You may have to repeat what you have been told to other people, so write it down. Also, this will also help you determine any misunderstandings.
Keep going up the managerial ladder until you get the fee removed. I have called CEOs, no joke.
Technicalities don’t matter. In my book, if you pay your bill within a 30 day period, they are not allowed to call you late. Don’t let them guilt trip you because you passed their arbitrary payment deadline.
If you have passed their payment deadline, use it to your advantage. Have them move the deadline so that you can pay when it is convenient for you. Make sure they do this for free and on top of removing the fee. That way the situation won’t repeat itself and you have gotten your fee removed.
Know when to threaten to cancel your account. Never threaten unless you are prepared to follow through, and only use it as a last resort.
Remember: YOU have the power. You are the customer. Use it. Threaten to go to a competitor or complain about their customer service. After all, you are doing them the favor by giving them your business.
Finally, don’t give up. Call back, leave messages, and whatever you do, don’t pay the fee. It’s harder to get money back once you’ve given it. Trust me, if you’re a good customer, you will get the fee removed.
In all my years of doing this, I’ve paid maybe two fees. Both times I closed the accounts and the companies lost my business. I feel strongly that companies who charge fees to customers who pay them every month are out of line. So there’s my pep talk of the day: Don’t let them intimidate you–keep your money.

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