Geeky Ice Cube Trays

All these geeky ice cube trays coming on the market makes me want to have some sort of Geek-themed party. Case in point:

This pi ice cube tray for $8.99 from ThinkGeek has so many possibilities. A cocktail based on a pie to pun on the words pi and pie? Some sort circle-oriented math joke wrapped in a cocktail? Yeah, I think like that sometimes.

Not all the time, though. I just think these Space Invaders ice cubes would look cool floating in a drink. $8 from Perpetual Kid.

And finally, Tetris ice cubes for $8.99, also from ThinkGeek. They make me want to use long, thin glasses and see how many of the ice cubes I can pack evenly inside.
More cool ice cube trays here.

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