Gallery Director's House Tour

I recently discovered that Dwell has some house tours on its site, including this one by Parisian gallery director Didier Krzentowski. Their house looks luxurious–note the view of the Eiffel Tower in one picture–but also fun. I like seeing how people with large art collections put them on display. It’s harder than you think to balance so many bright colors and strong statements in a room.
Looks like Krzentowski has done it with lots of light, lots of whimsy, and lots of totally expensive/awesome designer pieces. Here is one room in the house:
house tour paris
The office portion
house tour paris
The living part of the room
paris house tour
Also the living room, with some sort of elaborate art installation (one that doesn’t look difficult to imitate for yourself, if you are so inclined).
See the rest of the slideshow here.

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