From Tree Stump To Side Table

I enjoyed this tutorial on turning a tree stump into a side table. Karen from The Art Of Doing Stuff took an ordinary stump:

and turned it into this kick-ass table:

In this very thorough tutorial, she goes over how to remove the tree bark with a hammer and crowbar, sand the wood down, attach the legs, and stain the table.
The result, much like this birch tree log table, is stylish for not much money. Which, as we know, is my favorite kind of style. [Design Sponge]

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1 thought on “From Tree Stump To Side Table”

  1. Love this!
    I was once snooping around in a rich person’s house (friends of my parents) and they had three side tables like this. My mom told me the wife had ordered them from Europe and paid $10,000 EACH for them. WHAT? My immediate thought was, “Couldn’t she have just sanded down a stump—or paid some high schooler to do it for her?” Clearly, she could have, because her side tables looked exactly like this.


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