From Shoes To Barrette

Recently while cleaning out my bedroom, I came upon these butterfly shoes I bought 10 years ago.
They are at the end of their lives–the soles are worn down and straps are broken. But I still like the dragonfly decoration, so I decided to reuse them by putting them on a barrette.

I had some barrette hair clips in my beading supplies that looked like this:

I also happened to have a black tee-shirt cut up because I am making a rag rug. To make the barrette, I first glued the tee-shirt on the barrette with a hot glue gun. Then I cut the dragonfly off the shoe, cleaned it, and then glued it on top of the barrette. Voila.

It just goes to show that the things we buy can have very long lives if you take the time to think of other ways to use them.

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