From Lotion Bottle To Cell Phone Holder

Ashley from Make It and Love It needed a solution to her cell phone charging situation. Since she had to plug it in at night, she left the cell phone on the floor, which meant “those phone cords seem to be everywhere.”

Since she couldn’t buy the right holder, she made her own out of a lotion bottle. All it took was cutting the right shape out of the bottle and covering it with fabric.
I love when people use material they would otherwise throw away to solve their problems.

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5 thoughts on “From Lotion Bottle To Cell Phone Holder”

  1. This is really cute, and I keep seeing it all over Pinterest. But have you ever felt the iPhone plug after you’ve left it there overnight? The thing gets warm. Makes me wonder if that plastic sticking between the plug and the outlet won’t melt. Just a thought.

  2. I specifically don’t like how thin the plastic “loop” is. It could easily slip behind the plug, coming to rest on the two metal prongs of the plug itself. Without question, melting or worse, burning would result.

  3. Will this light on fire or melt? No. Here’s why:
    1. Plastic is an insulator, so even if part of it (like the hoop) crossed the plugs, it wouldn’t carry current.
    2. The temperatures that would melt that plastic are hot enough that the iPhone charger itself would give you 3rd degree burns if you touched it.
    Additionally, outlet covers (along with cell phone chargers) are usually plastic. Just because one plastic is softer than another kind doesn’t mean it has a lower melting point.
    But as I usually say when people present concerns about a post–if you are worried about it, don’t do it.


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