From Grill To Smoker

We have been looking for a smoker for our Weber grill. My husband has been wanting to smoke some meat for a long time, and I love smoked salmon, and so we want a smoker. We did some shopping around and I got to say, a lot of smokers have bad designs. They are either too narrow to fit much in the way of meat or they allow too much air in the bottom for a good fire or they are as big as the grill itself.
The best one we’ve come upon–and are seriously considering purchasing–is this conversion kit that lets you turn your Weber grill from this:

To this:

It looks big enough for a fair amount of meat and since it fits on top of the Weber, it doesn’t take up a lot of extra room as a stand alone grill. The only downside is it’s a little pricey at $150. Also I’m not sure how the grill will look after it’s converted.
Still… homemade smoked salmon….

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