From Diaper Box to Storage Bin

Tis the season for organizing. I spent a couple of hours yesterday organizing my office, and I have three rooms still to go. Yikes.
Anyway, you could buy your storage bins in the store, or you could make your own. Case in point, Awesome Sauce & Asshattery has a post on turning old diaper boxes into storage bins. All it takes is cutting the boxes up, gluing them together, and then covering with paper or other decorative material.
I especially like that since you are making your own storage bin, you can shape it to fit any of your organizing needs. I just got a big box yesterday, so I might give this a try.

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1 thought on “From Diaper Box to Storage Bin”

  1. I have a couple of rolls of contact paper I’ve used for this purpose in the past. Instead of buying a tote for wrapping paper, I modified a box to keep all my wrapping supplies in. I have a couple of boxes I covered to keep my spices organized in the cabinet instead of buying baskets. I have also covered a huge flat box that we used to keep the blankets in under our bed… that one was rather a pain to put the contact paper on. In a pinch, and for a bit of change in our kitchen, I even covered the painted tile (ugh..) backsplash with it. Versatile stuff. And rather inexpensive! 🙂


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