Freezing Coffee

Mr. Savvy tends to overestimate how much coffee he’ll drink in the morning. Since coffee is one of the most expensive things we buy, instead of throwing it out, I started freezing the excess. All I did was pour the leftover coffee in an ice cube tray and stuck it in the freezer. Then every time there was coffee left in the pot, I added some more to the tray. Soon enough, I had a whole bag of frozen coffee.

What will I do with it? Well, frozen coffee drinks, for one thing. I like the idea of using frozen coffee as the ice in drinks. Or maybe I’ll make my own coffee liqueur. Or coffee ice cream. Or coffee desserts. Or … hmmm…
What is your favorite way to use up leftover coffee?

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6 thoughts on “Freezing Coffee”

  1. I do this too! Not that we often have coffee leftover, but it’s handy to just throw a cube in when making casseroles or gravies etc. some sauces also call for a small amount of coffee to brown them up, and when baking cakes that require 1 cup of brewed coffee … I just melt a couple of the ice cubes, perfect. You probably already know this, but the leftover grounds in the press/plunger/machine are great for fertilising the garden, tomato plants love it!

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