Foraging for Mushrooms

Having grown up in a rural area, I have heard about mushroom foraging all my life. The consensus: you have to know what you are doing–some mushrooms are deadly poison–but if you do, you can get a good haul of wild mushrooms to eat.
Yes, but I never realized just how big a haul until I read Justin’s account of mushroom foraging. He and a friend ended up with nine pounds of mushrooms from just one trip:
savvyhousekeeping mushroom foraging

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3 thoughts on “Foraging for Mushrooms”

  1. First thought: “Woo, I made Savvy Housekeeping!”
    Second thought: “Shoot, I still haven’t done anything with the yellowfoot chanterelles”
    So I immediatelly washed and cooked them in sherry to create a quick marsala sauce—to be tossed with fresh pasta later. And possibly blogged 😉

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