Floor Lamps Inspired By Nature

I am shopping for floor lamps right now and I was surprised by how many floor lamps are inspired by nature. Here’s a few I liked. It’s probably worth noting that most of them don’t have a price, and that combined with my notoriously expensive taste probably puts them out of my reach, financially speaking. However, they are still pretty to look at.

Chrysalis Sky floor lamp from Weylandts

Leaf Lamp by designer Sofian Tallal.

Cloud Lamp designed by Frank O. Gehry. This is the only lamp with a price, around $1600.

Three Stone Lamp by Muleh.

Pear lamp by Nick Foley. This one is my favorite.

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2 thoughts on “Floor Lamps Inspired By Nature”

  1. Hi,
    I was just looking for Chrysalis Sky lamp whan I came to your blog! It was pure coincidence, but nice one.
    You have great blog.
    Piia from Finland


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