Floating Bedside Tables

I’m kind of fascinated with floating bedside tables. They seem a sleek and modern twist on the usual bedside table, plus they take up less space. The problem, of course, is that you have to screw them into the wall, which makes them difficult to move. Here’s a couple I liked:

Nite bedside table by Maze International is definitely cool looking, but also rather flimsy for $190. Still, I like the modern twist.

This one from Ikea is only $49.99, but it looks it. However, if you painted it, it could be a pretty cool addition to a bedroom.

Of course my favorite has to be outrageously expensive: a floating table from modemlink that for some reason costs $980. It’s made out of environmentally sound materials, which I guess accounts for the price. If I had $980 to spend on a bedside table, it wouldn’t be this one, but it’s still pretty awesome.
Now that I think about it, floating bedside tables have to be easy to make. All you would have to do is screw a drawer or box into a wall by your bed. Hmmm…

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