Five Things To Do With Lavender

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As you might have been able to tell by the Lemon Lavender Cocktail, lavender plants thrives around here. I have three plants in my yard that are loaded with blossoms. They are lovely, hardy (in warmer climates), and fragrant plants, and the flowers can also be used in a variety of ways, from scents to drinks to desserts to main courses to perfumes to … you know what? Here are five things to do with lavender:
1. Lavender Oil: Heat the lavender flowers up with the oil and allow it to steep for a couple of weeks. Use the lavender oil as a moisturizer, perfume, bath oil, potpourri, or you name it.
2. Lavender Linen/Body Spray: Take the oil from above and combine with water it in a spray bottle, then use it to make things smell lovely.

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3. Ice Cream: Lavender is a nice touch in ice cream, especially as a partner to another flavor like lemon or strawberry. Here is a recipe for Strawberry Lavender Ice Cream.
4. EntrĂ©es: Lavender can make a surprising and delicious addition to dinner too. For example, here’s a recipe for Lavender-Fennel Duck Breast that looks promising.

5. Lavender Sachets: The classic lavender sachet is great in lingerie drawers or linen closets. You make the sachets and fill them with lavender flowers. These also make great gifts.
How do you use lavender?

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4 thoughts on “Five Things To Do With Lavender”

  1. As far as cooking: It goes well with wild rice and wild mushrooms with chicken (either as part of a mushroom rice dish or all together as a soup). I haven’t tried this yet, but I want to do a strawberry mascarpone tart and flavor the mascarpone with lavender and lemon (maybe by steeping lavender in lemon juice and then mixing that into the mascarpone base?).

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  3. Nothing as wonderful as fresh lavender from your own little garden for ice cream toppers and such :-). Be careful about using purchased lavender buds though, as they may not be intended for culinary purposes.


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