Five Recycled Christmas Wreaths

I guess I am somewhat fascinated by Christmas wreaths right now. They can add a sense of elegance to your room or they can look completely tacky, depending on how they are made. And, since a wreath is a repeating pattern wrapped in a circle, you can make them out of practically anything.
Anyway, here are five Christmas wreaths out of recycled material that caught my eye:

1. Christmas Wreath From Recycled Newspaper.

savvyhousekeeping christmas wreath recycled newspapers
Linaloo made this cool Christmas wreath by folding newspaper into German stars, also called Froebel Stern. She folded the stars and then glued them together.

It looks great. (Via Crafty Crafty)
2. Christmas Wreath From An Old Bicycle Wheel.

savvyhousekeeping recycled christmas wreath from bicycle wheel
The tutorial for this wreath uses an old bicycle wheel as the bones for a more traditional-looking wreath. They simply wrapped a garland and led lights over the wheel and secured it with wire.
3. Christmas Wreath From Old Sweaters.
savvyhousekeeping recycled christmas wreath old sweaters
This is actually an ornament you can purchase Dreaming Giggles Etsy site for $14, but of all the wreaths I saw using recycled sweaters, I like this look the best. From what I can tell, the sweaters were felted, cut into rectangles, and folded into squares. Then they were attached in a wreath, maybe by a wire going through the middle? Nice.
4. Christmas Wreath From Buttons.
savvyhousekeeping recycled christmas wreath buttons
Little Birds Handmade created this tiny wreath by hot gluing red buttons to a cardboard donut backed by decorative paper. It would be especially great in an unexpected place, like a bathroom or the end of a hallway.
5. Christmas Wreath From Coffee Sleeves.
savvyhousekeeping recycled christmas wreath from coffee sleeves
If you drink a lot of take-out coffee, this is a great way to re-use the coffee sleeves–make a wreath out of them. Magpie and Cake cut a ring out of a cereal box and glued the cardboard “leaves” to it. You could do this idea with any kind of cardboard you have lying around. (Via Craft)

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