Five Minute Bruschetta

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This is my lunch from yesterday. I have some gorgeous heirloom tomatoes coming off the plant in the garden right now. They are so sweet that when you eat them, you remember that tomatoes really are fruit after all.
Point is, I made some bruschetta with one of these tomatoes, and it was yummy. So here’s my lazy, impromptu, but delicious, bruschetta recipe:

Five Minute Bruschetta

    2 large pieces of French bread
    1/2 a pat of butter
    1 large tomato
    5 basil leaves
    1 slice fresh mozzarella (optional)

With a knife, shave off a small amount of butter and spread it evenly over the bread. Put the bread on a sheet pan and broil for 2-5 minutes, until bread is golden and butter melted. You can also toast the bread, but broiling makes the top of the bread crispy and bottom soft, giving a nice texture to the bruschetta.
Meanwhile, chop up the tomatoes, basil, and optional cheese. Put in a bowl and mix together. Salt to taste. It takes a surprising amount of salt to bring out the flavors here–maybe a quarter teaspoon?
Take the bread out of the oven. Slice each piece in half so that you have four pieces. Spoon the tomato mixture on top. Enjoy!
Cost of Dish: Tomatoes and basil: Free from the garden; Bread: $.40; Butter: $.05; Mozzarella: $.15; Salt: practically free.
Total Cost of Dish: $.60 for lunch

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2 thoughts on “Five Minute Bruschetta”

  1. I do this often with the produce I receive from my fathers organic garden and I absolutely love it. I have used garlic infused olive oil instead of butter and I have also tried it with garlic butter. I have also placed various sauteed veggies with the tomatoes which is also fabulous. Mmmmm. Nummy.

  2. Oh of course, garlic oil. That would have been better, especially since bruschetta traditionally has garlic on it. Good point.


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