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Awhile ago, I made a Use It Up challenge for myself to use excess food in my fridge. It worked really well and I ended up using almost all the food on the list. So I decided to use the same tool to get me to finish some of these darn sewing/crafting projects that have been languishing around my house.
I really do believe in finishing what I started. Honest! And it irks me to look into my guest room closet and see these half-finished things that I laid aside because: a. I hit a roadblock that discouraged me or b. I got excited about another project and abandoned it. But putting time and money into a project and never finishing it is … just a waste of time and money. And so, I will go finish what I started.
Here is a list of projects I’m going to be finishing in the near future:
1. The blue sweater that I have been knitting for two yearsI am not much of a knitter. I know this about myself now. However, I am going to finish this sweater that has been sitting in a bag on my closet door since 2007. I am two-thirds of the way done, so time to finish it.
2. The guest room curtains–I made them too short, so I have to take them down and re-do the seams so they hang lower on the window. However that seemed like a lot of work, so I just put them up with safety pins and left them that way. Tacky! Time to take them down and make them look good.
3. A new onion bag scrubby–I have collected enough onion bags to make a new scrubby like this one. I am tired of looking at onion bags, so I need to finish this project.
4. A wine cork trivet–I have collected enough wine corks to make a trivet, which I intend to give as a Christmas gift to someone. I just need to, uh, figure out how to make the trivet.
5. Mending–I have a bag of clothes that need seams sewn up, buttons replaced, and so on. I need to go through, fix these things, and reintroduce the clothes into my wardrobe.
6. The half-finished dress–I started a dress about two years ago and got discouraged pretty quickly. The pattern was too big for me and I had cut it down a lot and then re-do the bodice several times and then I got tired of it. But I still like the idea of the dress, so I’ll give it another try.
7. Pillows for the living room–I have material for the new pillows for the living room. Since I’m finally getting a leather couch later this month, I’d like to have them ready.
8. New placemats–I got the idea to make placemats out of this material. Seems doable.
9. Decorative wastepaper basket–I got some decorative paper to cover a wastepaper basket for my office. I spent a lot of time shopping for the paper and I have the can I want to put it around. It’s just a matter of sitting down and doing it.
10. Poster frame–This isn’t a craft project, but I have this darn poster that I have been intending to put on my wall for awhile now. I just need to get a frame for it. And so I will! And then the poster won’t guilt me anymore.
Ok, there we go, 10 projects to finish. It seems like a lot, but most of them won’t take more than an hour of my time. The way I look at it, it’s silly to spend money on craft supplies and then not do the craft. Most of us are guilty of it, though. I guess it’s a curse of creativity? Anyway I am not going to start anything else until these projects are done. So there.
What are you going to finish up?

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  1. After seeing your post on wine cork trivets I made one for my partner – it was as simple as cutting them in half lengthways and arranging them, getting my dad to cut a bit of something he had lying around to size (I think it was MDF, anyway it had smooth sides which was all I wanted) and sticking them on with wood glue. It looks great, especially as a lot of the corks still have red wine stains on. I’d cut the base a little small as the edges probably won’t be 100% straight.


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