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I’ve been on a sewing kick. Maybe it’s the rainy weather. I have been tackling the big box of fabric I have, challenging myself to make as much stuff from it as possible. Maybe this way I can someday reduce the big box of fabric to a small box of fabric. Ah dreams.
Anyway, it’s making me think of this Finish It Up Challenge I started awhile back. I challenged myself to finish up 10 half-done craft projects around the house. Four months later, I have made progress on the list, although not as much as I would like. Here’s the update:
1. The blue sweater that I have been knitting for two years–I did work on this, but it’s not done yet.
2. The guest room curtains–Done! I even made a nice black ribbon to hold them back from the wall.
3. A new onion bag scrubby–Done. I have not had to buy a scrubby for about 6 months because of this.
4. A wine cork trivet–Not done yet, but it will be done soon, since it is a Christmas present.
5. Mending–Done, more or less.
6. The half-finished dress–You know, do I even want to do this? I am over this dress. Maybe I will use the fabric for something else.
7. Pillows for the living room–Done! Photos coming next week.
8. New placemats–Not done, but it is a great idea and I do need new placemats.
9. Decorative wastepaper basket–I got the supplies to do this one just last week, so I plan to work on this soon.
10. Poster frame–No! Can you believe that I haven’t managed to do the easiest thing on my list? That is just silly of me.
So, 4/10. That’s pretty sad given that I made this list in June. Then again, it’s better than no progress at all.

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