Fairy-Tale Cups

Not too long ago, I was in my local bookstore and came upon this Little Red Riding Hood cup. It struck me as completely adorable and I debated buying it. I did not, however, because I remember it being a little on the expensive side ($12 or $14) and also the store had a mug shaped like a mushroom that I liked better.
Now I find out that the cup is from Decole in Japan. It also has a matching teapot for $28.

AND a better cup for $14.

There’s also Alice in Wonderland and The Three Little Pigs.
All so adorable. And literary! For some reason, mugs and teapots are my weakness. If I had the space, I would have dozens of them. I don’t have the space, though, so I will restrain myself and enjoy my mushroom cup instead.

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