Eliminating Extra Trips To The Store

Awhile back, I found myself having to take an extra trip to the store more often than I wanted to to buy household items like razors blades and mops. Before I knew it, I was going to stores like Target or the drug store every month and slapping down around $60–that’s $720 a year–for these items.
Not only is that expensive, I found the whole trip annoying and time consuming. So I started examining everything I bought on these trips and began looking for alternatives.
Fast forward to now, and I can say that I very rarely have to take that shopping trip anymore. I have systematically eliminated the things I bought on this trip by switching to alternative options, reducing what I use, or buying in bulk. This saves money, time, and energy.
Here’s a sample of what I used to buy on this trip and how I stopped needing to buy them:

    Household Cleaner–I switched to making my own cleaner, which costs about $.25 a bottle instead of $3-$5 a bottle.
    Scrubbies and sponges–I switched to rags and onion bag scrubbies, which are free.
    Mops refills–I bought a mop with a washable sponge, which can be used repeatedly.
    Toilet paper, Laundry Detergent, and Dishwasher soap–I started buying all these in bulk, which is cheaper and means I don’t have to go to the store as often.
    Paper towels–I switched to rags, and buy the remaining paper towels in bulk.
    Razors–My husband switched to an old-fashioned safety razor, which costs about one-tenth what brands like Gillette want you to pay. He also bought the razor blades in bulk online.
    Shaving soap–My husband uses a brush and soap, which lasts much longer than canned shaving soap and costs a fraction of the price.
    Shampoo and Conditioner
    –I reduced the amount of shampoo I use and find that a bottle now lasts me about 5 months, which means I don’t have to buy it as often as I used to.

I still have to go to the store occasionally to buy things like a new toothbrush or make-up, but it is only once or twice a year instead of every month. It’s one less annoying chore I have to do, and it saves me money too.
How has frugal living reduced your shopping trips?

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7 thoughts on “Eliminating Extra Trips To The Store”

  1. We use cloth napkins. This drives both of our families’ nuts. They can’t seem to figure out how to use them! I will catch them taking paper towels. One of my goals this year is to convince them that it is okay to dirty the napkins.

  2. KUDOS TO Mr. Savvy on using a brush and soap for shaving. I have been using the same for about a year now and I will never go back to canned Shaving soap

  3. My husband has been using a brush & soap for more than 10 years now, and he will never go back to shaving creams. He also has the same razor he got in high school, and though finding the replacement blades, in stores, is tough, I found them online for nearly 1/2 price, if I buy them in bulk. I sometimes use cheap (dollar store) hair conditioner to shave my legs. It works much better than shave creams & leaves my legs much smoother & softer. I also try to buy our TP, paper towels, etc. in bulk whenever possible. Not only does it save money in the long, but it saves me time & energy, both of which, when you think about it, costs money. And we live in a rural area, so the less I have to drive the more I am able to save on gas!

  4. Ronda–Yeah, like your family, I’m bad about that too. I have to force myself to get a cloth napkin to dry my hands. I guess it takes a bit of getting used to.
    Rob–Thanks from Mr. Savvy. He loves using the soap and brush. I don’t ever see him going back.
    Angie–That is a great tip about the hair conditioner! I have a bottle of the cheap stuff around that I have been wondering how to use up. I am going to try your idea. Thanks!

  5. I have a family of 10. I started making my own laundry detergent and I save over $200 a year now and now spend only $30 a year on laundry detergent! So simple, easy, and a bucket of it lasts our large family up to 2 months or more!
    I really need to find a good dish detergent recipe to help save even more. Going to try the hand soap you have since we REALLY go through that stuff too.

  6. My boyfriend and I share a subscription to Dollar Shave Club, so for 6 bucks every other month we get 4 razor heads (they sent the handle with the first month)- pretty damn sweet deal! He doesn’t shave often either, so he barely even counts toward using them up 😛
    Also, first comment on your awesome blog!! I’ve been scrolling back through this place for the past two days- OMG this is fabulous! You have so many great tips and little inspirational bits around here <3 Thanks!!


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