Dress Form Out of Duct Tape

I think I would sew more clothes if I had a dress form suited to my exact size. The worst part of sewing for me is taking seams out and re-doing them a zillion time to get the clothes to look right on my body. Of course, personalized dress forms are expensive. It never occurred to me to make my own, but that’s exactly what Amy at Craftlog did with duct tape.
Apparently, she got a close-fitting turtle neck and essentially covered herself in duct tape, making a mold of her body. Then she cut the mold off, stuffed it with a “combination of an old pillow and fiberfill.” Then they mounted the form on a pipe and plywood base. Here’s some more detailed instructions from Threads Magazine.

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5 thoughts on “Dress Form Out of Duct Tape”

  1. The best thing I think to wear for the tape would be a leotard. I bet you can get one really inexpensive off of ebay. This is a good idea and one of the faster DIY ideas with significant savings. Does duct tape have stretch? Also, I wouldn’t stay in or breath in adhesives for too long. I would actually do it outside and hope none of the neighbors look over the fence! 🙂

  2. A leotard would definitely work better than a turtleneck, I would think. I think duct tape does stretch–it’s made with a fabric core, so it’s a good material to use for this. Have you ever seen the duct tape prom dress contest? It’s funny.

  3. That’s cool. I know exactly what you mean about ripping seems a zillion times to get it to fit just right… so I also made my own custom sized dress form just for me. I made mine out of chicken wire that my parents had in their barn. It only costs $5 at a farm supply store. I just molded it with my fingers squeezing a krimping the flexible wire till it was the exact size and shape I wanted it. Then I just put an old T-shirt over it. I am SO glad I finally have a personalized dress form now!


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