DIY Raised Garden Beds

Here’s an info graphic on how to make your own Raised Vegetable Garden Bed. See the whole thing here.
From the site:

7 Key Benefits to Raised Garden Beds / Garden Boxes:
1. They provide good drainage to your plants. This keeps plants healthy.
2. They prevent the soil from compacting too much, therefore encouraging the growth of roots.
3. Raised garden beds also keep pathway weeds from entering into the soil, therefore reducing the amount of work you need to do to keep weeds out of your garden.
4. They allow you to add the type of soil you want, including organic soil and compost soil, without having roots enter into deeper, less healthy soil.
5. It is easier for many people to tend to plants in a raised garden bed than on a flat surface. You can sit on the edge and weed the garden bed.
6. The garden’s bedsides create a barrier from many pests. With added fencing along the top, you can even keep out the deer and larger animals.
7. They are incredibly versatile. When you build raised garden beds, you do so in the size, shape and overall structure right for your space.

Pretty convincing, I must say…

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8 thoughts on “DIY Raised Garden Beds”

  1. Raised beds! I’ve been wishing I could transform my front yard into a flat of six beds just like this. Alas, we rent our house and I don’t think our landlord would be too happy with me. But then, he wouldn’t have to mow the lawn anymore!

  2. I have had raised garden beds for years and just added more this year. They are wonderful and so worth the effort to get them set up.
    Love your site here. I check in daily. Thanks for all the great ideas and tips.

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  6. We live in Peoria AZ which makes veg. gardening challenging. The amount of additives needed to turn our ground soil into anything beneficial is about as much as we’d need to make raised beds,so my daughter & I are going to try it this spring. We using 2 shipping pallets I found on the side of the road during our cities’ ‘bulk garbage’ pickup. {Could’ve made many more beds with all the great stuff people put out this year, but my family hates when I ‘garbage pick’ so I had little help with savaging.☺} We’ll take 1 apart and make a rectangle & the other we’ll leave in place & plant in between the slats. I know some folks caution against using pallets because of the potential for the wood to be treated but we’re going ahead anyway. Can’t be any worse than what commercial growers put on their crops ☺.
    Thanks once more for some great info!!


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