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(Ariana and Young Nam Heller in the NYTimes)
Earlier this month, the NYTimes had an article on design students who have made interesting and creative home designs out of cheap material. The website has a slideshow on some of their work.

Heller (pictured above) “found this nightstand on the street, painted it blue and coated it with shellac.”

“Lauren Chapman, a student at Yale School of Architecture, used recycled light bulbs as candle holders.”

“You very carefully hold a light bulb on the metal end and saw the bottom” of that end off, she said. “Then I used a screwdriver to break out the insides,” and glued the bulbs together with a hot glue gun.

Michelle Nicholls “used plastic foam vegetable trays as three-dimensional wall art.”

The same student also made these diagonal bookshelves from wood on the street.

“Ikea shelves were covered with Japanese comic book pages and coated with Minwax clear lacquer by Young Nam Heller.”
I may copy this last one and cover something with interesting paper in the near future.

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