DIY Branch "Wallpaper"

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One reason I post expensive products on this page is because half the time, you can figure out how to do the same thing yourself just by looking at it. The best example of this that I’ve seen in awhile is this fabulous hand-painted wall by Capree from My Adventure is Your Advantage.
Awhile back, Capree saw this Branch wallpaper from Ferm Living, but didn’t dig the price tag–$115 for a roll. So she decided to hand-paint the wall herself. She used Photoshop to reproduce the graphic, projected it on the wall, traced the pattern, and slowly began the process of painting the graphic.
It took her eight months to finish, but it looks great! She saved a bundle of money with her DIY ingenuity and ended up with a very high-end look. I love it. (Via ReadyMade)

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