DIY Anthropologie Nightstand

I love Anthropologie even though most of their stuff is overpriced. I don’t know about you, but when I’m in that store my jaw often drops at the prices and I immediately start thinking how I can re-create the same thing for much cheaper. That’s why I’m so impressed with this fantastic recreation of a $700 Anthropologie nightstands.

Britt saw the Curator Nightstand at Anthropologie and “loved how all that gaudy decorative trim was piled on and thought, I could totally do that. And at $931.57 (CAD), I could do it for much cheaper. Mine (which are, admittedly loose interpretations of the original) came out to $96 each and I painted them “West Coast Grey” (so appropriate for our new Vancouver home).”
To make the night table, she used some Ikea drawers, legs from Home Depot, paint, knobs, and of course, lots of decorative trim.

The end result looks awesome. It makes me want to go see what design inspirations I can find at my nearest high-end store. (Via)

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  1. This nightstand is really interesting. Where did you get your decorative molding from. I’ve been searching everywhere.
    Deb Smith


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