Design From Recycled Objects

Inhabitat has an awesome contest going on called “Spring Greening Contest.” People sent in entries based on creative uses for old household items. It’s pretty neat.
savvyhousekeeping design objects chop flops sandals chopsticks dental floss cork
The above sandals have the highest number of votes. Called the Chop-Flops, they are made from chopsticks that were collected from the dumpster of a Japanese restaurant, dental floss, cork from a pin-up board, and an old Jansport bag.
savvyhousekeeping design objects lamp light soda cans tabs
This POP Pendant Light is making the rounds on the blogs. It is a lamp made out of discarded aluminum pull-tabs and looks pretty spiffy. It reminds me of this lamp made out of coffee cups.
savvyhousekeeping design objects lamp light coffee cups
Speaking of coffee cups, I also liked this lamp made out of, well, other coffee cups. It looks like a jellyfish and is “made out of small plastic cups, and plastic taps, parts of egg cartons, and other miscellaneous plastic pieces were used for the tail.”
savvyhousekeeping design objects vase lightbulb
Finally, there’s this little vase made out of a lightbulb. It reminded me of the candle holders made out of lightbulbs in this post, which goes to show how hard to have original ideas when using recycled materials. But still, this is a great use of a burnt-out bulb.
See the rest of the entries here.

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