Cut Your Christmas Tree In A National Forest

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As I mentioned in my post on 3 Alternative To Black Friday, I spent the day after Thanksgiving in a national forest. While there, I was confused to see multiple people cutting down Christmas trees and putting them on the top of their cars.
It turns out that these people were not stealing but had purchased a permit to cut down the tree. In the park I was in, a permit costs only $10.
The last time I looked into cutting down a Christmas tree on a farm, a tree cost something like $60. A tree at my grocery store can cost between $20-$40. Considering this, cutting your own tree at a national forest may be a cheap way to get a tree–plus it would be a fun family outing.
The cost of permits depend on the park. According to the US Forest Service:

Each year from mid-November through December, your local Forest Service Office sells permits that allow you to cut a fresh Christmas tree on National Forest Lands. Fees for the permit vary at each local office. The permit allows you to cut one tree for your holiday festivities. It also helps the Forest Service thin tree stands that have a concentration of smaller trees.

To learn more, contact the Forest Service Office for the park nearest you and ask about “Christmas Tree Permits.”
And while we’re at it, here are 5 Tips To Cut Christmas Tree Costs.

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