Cribs Chicken Coop

savvyhousekeeping raising chickens coop
I’m loooving these chicken coops by Chicken Cribs in Oakland, Ca. They come in a DIY kit that you assemble yourself. It can accommodate up to 4 chickens and is supposedly easy to clean. From the FAQ:
“The interior has plastic panels which are easily lifted out and rinsed with a hose or scraped off. The run area needs little maintenance – removal of uneaten compost, and occasional collection of droppings for use in other parts of the garden are all that’s required.”
It keeps the hens safe from predators too, which I understand is one of the major problem with chickens. Best of all, it is actually attractive! The kit costs $550 to $750.
savvyhousekeeping raising chickens coop
Hmmm 2010… the year I finally get chickens? (Via Sunset Magazine)

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